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Floorings, adhesives, sealants

EBOL SL-T an adhesive additive for bituminous surface treatments and for preparation of asphalt mixtures; used in processes of coating aggregate with bitumen, for preparation of additivated asphalts and in manufacturing tar papers and insulation paper
EBOL SL-TU used as an additive to asphalt penetrating varnishes and diluted asphalts used for coating chippings in damp conditions
EBOL SP-N used as a special separating agent for various construction technologies; it finds good use in manufacturing concrete elements from warm concrete mixtures in both vertical and horizontal form liners
EBOLIT 505 used as a building bonding agent, adhesive mortar for concrete, stone, mortar, plaster, and ceramics, glass, azbestos-cement, steel, aluminium, polyesters, epoxides
EBOLIT 508 self-levelling flooring for the preparation of seamless interior floors