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solvent and diluter in rubber-making and dyestuff-making processes as well as cleaning and degreasing blends

Product characteristics
KORYNT D30 is an organic solvent on the basis of n-alkanes and isoalkanes. It is a low-aromatic organic solvent of “white spirit” type and it complies the recommendation of the European Science Comission concerning the fulfilling of exposure limits of monitored noxious agents (June 2006).
This product – KORYYNT D30 may be utilized in wide scope of applications, in which traditional properties of aliphatic solvents on the basis of white spirits (solvent and diluter in rubber-making and dyestuff-making processes as well as cleaning and degreasing blends) may be used. At the same time, beside the well-dissolving ability KORYNT D30 features low content of eco-toxicologically monitored aromatic substances (typically below 50 ppm) including low sulphur content (less than 2 ppm). This faciliates bigger flexibility when used in cleansers´ formulations - especially „cold cleaner“- and in water micro emulsions. For these purposes, CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s. even offers delivery of an appropriate emulsifier such as EBOL EM-326.
Product features
KORYNT D30 is a low-viscous liquid, with water virtually immiscible. KORYNT D30 is flammable liquid of II. class of dangerousness. The inflammation point is about 36 oC.

Content of organic solvents
characteristic Unit value
Product density 0,773
Content of organic solvents expressed in weight decimal kg/kg of product 1,0
Content of the overall organic carbon kg/kg of product 0,85
Content of non-volatile substances expressed in volumic % volumic % 0,0

KORYNT D30 must comply with these quality signs:
Quality sign Value Methodology of setting
Density at 15oC (kg.m-3) 768 to 778 PN-ZM 624/2011

Product manufacturing
KORYNT D30 might be used both in traditional technologies during cold cleaning processes and in modern types of washers:
- cleaning with a brush, sprinkling or submersion,
- ultrasonic cleaning equipments,
- big cleaning lines – washer equipment and immersion tubs,
- after reconstruction equipment for degreasing by hot steam can also be used,
- ecological washing tables.

Packing and storage
KORYNT D30 is delivered in metallic drums (200 litres), or in other packages that have been discussed in advance. This product is stored in closed containers at temperatures +5 up to +25 oC and protected from direct weather influences. The storage in temperature lower than oC does not have any negative effect on the application characteristics of the product.
KORYNT D30 is transported in covered vehicles in compliance with the ADR/RID regulations.
If the product is transported and stored according to the above mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of stock-out.
Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without any obligation. The manufacturing of the product must be adjusted to the specific conditions.
Purpose of useUltrazvuková zařízení - OPRT, Ekologické mycí stoly - OPRT, electrical industry, Průmyslové odmašťovadlo - OPVŘ, Studené čistící procesy - OPRT
PropertiesAplikace - ponor, postřik, ručně OPVŘ, Hořlavina I. tř. nebezpečnosti - OPRT, málo těkavý, Neředí se - OPRT, nízkoaromatický, Vysoký čistící účinek - OPRT
KORYNT D60 solvent and diluter in rubber-making and dyestuff-making processes as well as cleaning and degreasing blends