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Bent OP
EBOL CN 4 an aqueous solution of synergistic mixture of surfactants and 2-aminoethanol
EBOL KCO II highly effective cleaning preparation disrupts the structure of dirts and sludges and secures wash-away ability
EBOL KCO III concentrated
KORYNT 3160 an aqueous solution of modified ammonium compounds
KORYNT 5115 an aqueous solution of alkali metal phosphates
Korynt ALCAR-1
KORYNT CD1 sour cleanser destined specially for the pre-washing and washing of iron rail vehicles
KORYNT CLEANER An aqueous solution of surfactants and auxiliary substances with addition of a perfume composition
KORYNT ECS used as industrial degreasing agent. Considering the limited foam formation and efficiency it is suitable for high-pressure cleaning systems
KORYNT HARD CLEANER A highly concentrated synergistic alkali mixture of surfactants and complexing substances
KORYNT HB an industrial cleaning agent replacing classic alkali cleaning agents
KORYNT IP is a synergistic mixture of non-ionic surfactants and quaternary compounds with corrosion inhibiting properties in an aqueous environment
KORYNT LIN used in diluted state for degreasing and washing all alloy surfaces contaminated with oil with mechanical contamination