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CHEMOTEX was a one of the sponsoring companies at the International Cosmetics Conference (ICC) in Luhacovice in October 2009 and contributed with series of speeches and lectures addressing many industry issues.


CHEMOTEX conducts a broad advertising campaign in “DROGERIE & PARFUMERIE” professional magazine, which is distributed to drugstores in the Czech Republic, throughout the perfumery, dyes and commercial paints industry.


In the same year we have participated in the 98th Cosmetics Seminar in Trebon (Czech Republic) held in April 2010. We have published keynotes and series of seminars and speaches for the event.

We also took part in the International cosmetics conference (ICC) in Senec, taken place from 6.10. -  8. 10. 2010.


CHEMOTEX also published articles for the 11/2010 edition of “Lobby” journal, which is intended for entrepreneurs and managers audience. In the article we have talked about our company, our achievements, but also about the current economic crisis.

Also participated at the XLIII Seminar regarding tensides and detergents held in November 2010 in Sec – Ustupky.



We advertised in the magazine “Czech Business and Trade”, issue 3/2011. In the article of one A4-page size we are focusing on our manufacturing assortment especially those for the engineering.


We were a proud participants and a general sponsor of the International Cosmetics Conference (ICC) held in Frymburk from 3rd October to 5th October 2011. We have published keynotes and series of seminars and speeches for the event in Lecture collection.


We took part in and sponsored XLIV. workshop about surfactants and detergents which was held in Pasohlávky – Mušov from 31.10.2011 to 2.11.2011.

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