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Hardener T 150

used in combination with epoxy resins for the preparation of two-component coating substances

Product characteristics

HARDENER T 150 is a modified blend based on adduct of polyalkylene polyamine and mid-molecular epoxy resin in a blend of organic solvents.


It is used in combination with epoxy resins for the preparation of two-component coating substances that get dry in air at normal as well as elevated temperatures.

Product features

HARDENER T 150 is yellow to yellow-brown mid-viscous liquid insoluble in water. It is sensitive to an influence of the air humidity

Content of organic solvents

Content of organic dissolvent expressed in weight decimalkg/kg of product0,50
Content of the overall organic carbonkg/kg of product0,532
Content of non-volatile substances expressed in volumic %volumic %41,10

Hardener T 150 must comply with these quality signs:

Quality signValueMethodology of setting
Amine no. (mg KOH/g)115 up to 140PN-ZM 264/2001
Consistency at 20 oC (s)60 up to 260ČSN EN ISO 2431
Colour (mg J/100 g)15 maximumČSN 67 3011
Hydrogenous equivalent (g/mol)400 minimum

Product manufacturing

HARDENER T 150 is miscible with solutions of epoxy resins and epoxy coating agents. Curing of the blend processes at 20 oC, however can be quickened by the use in temperatures up to 100 oC. HARDENER T 150 is soluble in solvent blends such as xylene-butanol 4:1, toluene-acetone 4:1. It is also partially soluble in toluene, xylene, white spirit, acetone and butanol. HARDENER T 150 is mixed up for instance with EBOLIT 102 in proportion of 1:2 shortly before the use. Both of these components are mixed up properly and the varnish is diluted to a consistency suitable for brush painting, overspray, eventually wetting. The varnish usability containing HARDENER T 150 is only limited to 10 – 18 hours. Later on, the varnish is getting thicker and application is difficult. Gel-like particles originate and deteriorate quality of skin of paint. To prevent losses of coating agents the only partial quantity of varnish is recommended to prepare. This limited quantity can be utilized within the only working shift then. Two-component varnishes cured by HARDERNER T 150 are suitable for wood-surface treatment, wood-fibre boards, metals, walling, concrete and some kinds of plastic masses. Coatings feature good chemical resistance and stability up to 80 oC.

Proportions of miscibility:

Type of resin
(100 weight units)
Hardener T 150
(weight units)
EBOLIT 10250,0
EBOLIT 102/7562,5
EBOLIT 10436,0
EBOLIT 50018,0

Packing and storage

HARDENER T 150 is delivered in metallic drums (200litres) or in other packages that have been discussed in advance. Transportation by means of tank car is also possible. This product is stored in closed containers at the places protected from direct weather influences. The recommended storage temperature is within +5 to     +30 oC. It must not be stored at the direct sunshine not even close to sources of heat. Storing in temperatures below 0 oC does not have any negative effect on the application characteristics of the product.


HARDENER T 150 is transported in covered vehicles in compliance with the ADR/RID regulations.


If the product is transported and stored according to the above mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of stock-out.


Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without any obligation. The manufacturing of the product must be adjusted to the specific conditions.
EBOLIT 401/XXXX used predominantly as coating composition of concrete floorings