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Ionogenita anionaktivní

Související produkty

ALMIPAL ABA used in various industrial branches for instance as washing and cleaning agent
Almipal PC wetting, cleaning, detaching, degreasing and washing agent especially for textile, paper and leather industry
Almipal PED
Alson Na an aqueous solution of sodium salt of dodecylbenzensulphonic acid
Alson NAM an aqueous solution of sodium alkylbenzen sulphonate with liquefying additives.
ALTAPON L an aqueous solution of mono-C12-C14 – Sodium alkyl sulphates.
ALTARAN S8 All-purpose rapid wetting agent
Refaktan EBV Aqueous solution of anionic and non-ionic surfactants
Spolapon 26% used as a basic raw material for production of washing, cleaning and degreasing agents in all types of industrial branches; emulsifier and cleaning agent