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Detergents for construction

Alson NAM wetting and washing agent suitable for boil washing and even as a raw material for manufacture of communal detergents
Alson TEA one of basic substances for manufacture of liquid detergents
ALTHOSAN MB Manufacturing disinfectants used in households, medical facilities, veterinary facilities and the food-processing industry; inhibition of microbial corrosion in the petroleum industry; in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing cutaneous antiseptic agents and hygiene and moist wipes; preserving agent in cosmetics; fungicidal agent for killing mosses and algae
EBOL ORVK highly efficient cleaning and degreasing agent that removes rust and limescale. The product removes even deeply sedimented dirt quickly and without any difficulties, and it leaves a cleaned surface clean and shiny
KORYNT 30CN Industrial non-foaming degreasing agent used in a diluted state for degreasing and washing all metallic and non-metallic surfaces stained by oils and mechanical impurities
KORYNT 3160 a passivating agent for iron, steel and cast iron
KORYNT 5115 phosphating agent for iron, steel, zinc and aluminium that degreases treated materials in a single working process
KORYNT IP used in a diluted state in mechanical engineering for degreasing and washing of machines, mechanical components and products which need to be thoroughly degreased
KORYNT RUST-REMOVER rust-removing agent for iron, steel and cast iron used prior to application of coating composition treatment to their surfaces
KORYNT TINTE used to remove graffiti and spray paint tags mainly from car bodyworks, artificial leather, seats, glass, windows, formica, plastic materials etc.