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a blend of an organic dissolvent

Product characteristics

KORYNT PUNTO is a blend of an organic dissolvent.


It is used for the removal of chewing gums especially from the surfaces stated below:

- imitation leather, seats
- glass, windows
- metal surfaces
- other surfaces (home walls, ceramic facings, facing stone, etc.)

Product features

KORYNT PUNTO is a colourless to slightly yellowish liquid of a specific odour.

Content of organic solvents

Content of an organic dissolvent expressed in weight decimalkg/kg of product1,0
Content of the overall organic carbonkg/kg of product0,101
Content of non-volatile substances expressed in volumic %volumic %-

KORYNT PUNTO must comply with these quality signs:

Quality signValueMethodology of setting
Denisty at 20 oC (kg.m-3)1470 minimumČSN EN ISO 2811-1

Product manufacturing

The preparation is destined for the removal of stuck chewing gums out of various types of surfaces e.g. window frames, seats, heating units, tables etc.
This preparation deteriorates most of the synthetic materials. Before the own application, make a test firstly at a little visible place to make sure yourself, the preparation does not damage the surface.


1. Apply the preparation to the chewing gum and keep taking effect for a while
2. Remove it mechanically
3. In case of need, do this procedure repeatedly
4. Wash the surface for instance with KORYNT UNICO after the application

Packing and storage

KORYNT PUNTO is delivered in zinced drums (200 litres), or in other packages that have been discussed in advance. This product is stored in closed containers at the places protected from direct weather influences. The recommended storage temperature is between +5 to +25 oC. Storage temperature below 0 oC does not have any negative effect on the application characteristics of the product.


KORYNT PUNTO is transported in covered vehicles in compliance with the ADR/RID regulations.


If the product is transported and stored according to the above mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of stock-out.


Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without any obligation. The manufacturing of the product must be adjusted to the specific conditions.
Purpose of useOdstraňování žvýkaček - OPRT, ředění olejových a syntetických nátěrových hmot, Studené čistící procesy - OPRT
Propertiesnearomatický, Neředí se - OPRT, s obsahem chlorvaných uhlovodíků, vysoce těkavý