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used in diluted state for degreasing and washing all alloy surfaces contaminated with oil with mechanical contamination

Product characteristics:

KORYNT LIN is synergic mixture of surface active substances and special inhibitor of corrosion in water. It is used as industrial non-foam degreasing agent with increased corrosion inhibition for alloys.


KORYNT LIN is commonly used in diluted state for degreasing and washing all alloy surfaces contaminated with oil with mechanical contamination. KORYNT LIN is suitable for cleaning the machines from cast iron, machine parts and cast-iron products which require thorough degreasing and prevent their corrosion.

Properties of the product

KORYNT LIN is milky white, low viscosity liquid, biologically degradable. It efficiently replaces the classic cleaning agents on chlorinated hydrocarbons base, petrol, or oil degreasing agents. The agent does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons and other substances on the oil base and phosphates. Considering the products is based on balanced mixture of low foam surface active substances which have great impact on the product viscosity with minimum change of concentration, the product may show the viscosity dispersion within scope 10 to 20 seconds on Ford cup 4 mm at 20 °C. The dispersion does not affect the application properties of KORYNT

KORYNT LIN must comply with these quality signs:

Quality mark


Determination methodology

Solution pH 5%

9 to 11

PN-ZM 193/2001

Density 23 °C in kg.m-3

1020 to 1035

\u268 CSN EN ISO 2811-1

Product processing

KORYNT LIN is used for degreasing and cleaning diluted with water in ratio 1:20 to 1:50. The option of suitable dilution depends on several factors, e.g. the composition and contamination of alloy, the temperature of cleaning solution, the cleaning method, the duration of the degreasing agents effects, the required inhibition. In specific cases, the use KORYNT LIN requires suitable combination of all the factors. KORYNT LIN solution is applied by spraying, dilution or submersion. After completing the degreasing, the alloy surfaces do not require rinsing, the rinsing is suitable solely in food industry – however the inhibition properties can be affected.

Packaging, storage

KORYNT LIN is available in PE cans of 50 litre volumes or in other pre-agreed containers.  It is stored in closed containers in the locations protected from direct weather conditions. Recommended storage temperature is +5 to +25 °C. Storage at temperatures below 0 °C has no negative effect on the application characteristics of the product.


KORYNT LIN is transported with covered transport vehicles. Not a subject to regulations ADR/RID.

Guarantee period

If the product is transported and stored according to the above-mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of warehouse delivery.  


The data on the product properties and its processing were received by laboratory measuring and application tests. This technical data sheet can be used for reference purposes, the product processing must be adapted to the specific conditions.

Purpose of useOdstraňování oleje, mastného prachu - OPVŘ, Průmyslové odmašťovadlo - OPVŘ, studené odmašťovací procesy
PropertiesAlkalické, Aplikace - ponor, postřik, ručně, Nepěnivý, Obsahuje inhibitor koroze - OPVŘ, Ředění 1:20 - 1:50 OPVŘ