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A highly concentrated synergistic alkali mixture of surfactants and complexing substances

Product characteristics

A highly concentrated synergistic alkali mixture of surfactants and complexing substances.


Industrial degreasing agent. It is used in a diluted state for degreasing and washing all metallic and non-metallic surfaces stained by oils and mechanica


Product Features

KORYNT HARD CLEANER is low-viscous, colourless to slightly flavescent coloured liquid. The agent can be mixed with water in any ratio.

Temperatures lower than +10 °C can lead to opacification of the product and separation of its solid fraction. Once this fraction is tempered at +40 °C and

thoroughly homogenized, it dissolves again and the agent can be used with unaltered application properties.


KORYNT HARD CLEANER must comply with the following quality characteristics:


Quality characteristic 


Methodology of assessment

Dry matter content (%)

minimally 30

PN-ZM 580/2010

pH of a 1% solution

11.5 to 12.5

PN-ZM 580/2010


Directions for Use

KORYNT HARD CLEANER is very miscible with cold water. Recommended concentration of the agent in degreasing bath ranges from 0.3 to 1.0 %. Operating

temperature of the bath is from c. 30 °C. In case the agent is used for degreasing products which need to be provided with a short term rust protection, a

passivating agent EBOL LMM should be added to the degreasing bath in concentration ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 %.


Packaging & Storage

KORYNT HARD CLEANER is delivered in 50 l PE bottles. Alternatively, it can be delivered in different containers that were discussed and agreed on in advance.

Store it in a sealed container in places protected from direct climatic influences. Recommended storage temperature is between +20 to +30 °C.



KORYNT HARD CLEANER is transported by covered vehicles in compliance with ADR/RID Regulations.



Provided the product is transported and stored in accordance with the above written conditions, its warranty is 6 months from the production date.



Data about the product characteristics and its processing were obtained by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical data sheet can provide

solely legal advice without any engagements. Use of the product should be always adjusted to specific conditions. In case the product's solid fraction settled in the original container, it is recommended to pour off the liquid phase to a different container and dissolve the solid phase in clear water at temperature ranging from 40 to 60 °C directly in the original container. Such dissolved solid phase is then used to dilute the concentrated liquid phase of KORYNT HARD CLEANER before its actual use

Purpose of useOdstraňování oleje, mastného prachu - OPVŘ, Průmyslové odmašťovadlo - OPVŘ, víceúčelový produkt
PropertiesAlkalické, Ředění 1:20 - 1:50 OPVŘ