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oleic acid diethanolamide

Product characteristics

INDAKOR ZK is oleic acid diethanolamide.


INDAKOR ZK is corrosion inhibitor soluble in mineral oils.

Product properties

INDAKOR ZK is a brown viscose liquid

INDAKOR ZK must comply with the following quality characteristics:  

Quality characteristic 


Measuring method

Amine number in mg KOH/g     

50 to 70

PN-ZM 174/2001

Acid number in KOH/g

max. 10

PN-ZM 174/2001

Product processing

It is used in a solution with ordinary oils, in dye and varnish industry, in protective waxes, and in auxiliary industrial compositions as a potent component for temporary metal protection against corrosion. For the preparation of solutions containing INDAKOR ZK, we recommend temperatures of 50 to 80 °C. INDAKOR ZK protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion in conditions of 100 % relative humidity and partially even in environments containing acids and salts (e.g. chlorides), and against accumulator sulphuric acid. INDAKOR ZK may be used in preparation of anticorrosion products based on oil, vaseline, grease, wax, volatile solvents etc. or to improve the anticorrosion properties of petroleum-based products, whose main function is a lubricant or some other special property. INDAKOR ZK does not substantially affect the lubricant properties of petroleum-based products. The application of petroleum-based products complemented with 1 to 10 % of INDAKOR ZK is limited to maximum temperatures of 100 to 120 °C. INDAKOR ZK may not be compatible with some special additives added to petroleum products, such as some antioxidants or detergents. The use of INDAKOR ZK is especially beneficial when you can combine some production operation with preservation. For instance drawing, straightening or polishing of steel is mostly performed in oil baths - an addition of INDACOR ZK to these oils removes the necessity of steel preservation as a separate operation. Mineral oils or greases with an admixture of INDAKOR ZK (1 to 2 %) comply with the preservation agent standard (ČSN 03 8205). INDAKOR ZK should be exposed to longer periods of temperatures over 100 °C, because it could lead to the reduction of its by corrosion-preventive properties. In temperatures of approx. 140 °C the protective efficiency is reduced by 10 to 20 %, and temperatures over 150 °C may partially break down the inhibitor. INDAKOR ZK is a suitable anti-corrosion admixture for solvent-based primers. Recommended dosage is up to 2 %.

Packaging, storage

INDAKOR ZK is stored in 50-litre PE cans or in other, pre-agreed containers. It is stored in closed contains in areas which are protected from direct atmospheric effects. The recommended storage temperature is +5 to +25 °C. Storage in temperatures below 0 °C does not have any negative effect on the application properties of the product.


INDAKOR ZK is transported by enclosed means of transport. It is not subject to ADR/RID regulations.

Warranty period

If the product is transported and stored in compliance with the conditions specified above, its warranty period is 6 months from the date of delivery from warehouse.


Data on product properties and its processing were obtained by laboratory testing and application tests. This technical sheet may however only provide advice which is not legally binding, and the use of the product must be adapted to suit the specific on-site conditions.


Purpose of usehydraulic systems, oil-based systems