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Mixture of mineral powders and an acidic catalyst

Product characteristics

Mixture of mineral powders and an acidic catalyst.


The product is used as a base and joint sealant for making chemically resistant linings and floors. It is workable to a temperature of +10 °C.

Product Features

Grey to beige coloured powder material.

Directions for Use

FILLER FAL is a powder component of the sealant EBOLIT FAL. It is mixed with EBOLIT FAL at 20 °C in the following weight ratio: 2.5 or 3.0 units of mass of the FILLER FAL per 1.0 units of mass of EBOLIT FAL. Workability of the putty at 20 °C is at least 30 minutes and it solidifies after 24 hours. Areas to which the putty was applied can be chemically and mechanically loaded after 14 days. In case the workability of the sealant is shorter, which can be caused by e.g. faster reaction of older resin EBOLIT FAL, a new sealant, in which a portion of the FILLER FAL is replaced by a FILLER 0 (which does not contain a hardening catalyst), should be prepared.

Chemical Resistance

The sealant is resistant to diluted inorganic acids and lyes (such as sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide), solutions of salts and most organic solvents including petrol, toluene, acetone and alcohols.

Packaging & Storage

FILLER FAL is delivered in 25 or 50 kg PE sacks or in 5 or 10 kg PE buckets with lid. Alternatively, it can be delivered in different containers that were discussed and agreed in advance. The product needs to be stored in dry and closed storage areas.  Recommended storage temperature is between +5 to +30 °C. Must not be stored in the sun or near the sources of heat.


FILLER FAL is transported by covered vehicles. It is not subject to ARD/RID regulations.


Provided the product is transported and stored in accordance with the above written conditions, its warranty is 6 months from the production date.


Data about the product characteristics and its processing were obtained by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical data sheet can provide solely legal advice without any engagements. Use of the product should be always adjusted to specific conditions.



Purpose of usePokládací tmel, jointing bonding agent, filler used for hardening process
Propertiestwo-component insulating material, resistance of insulating materials to inorganic acid, resistance of insulating materials to organic acid
EBOLIT FAL binding material for chemical-proof bonding agent on the basis of furalaldol resin for prepration of chemical-resistant fettings and floorings