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a mixture of mineral oils and animal fats with addition of an anti-corrosion agent

Product characteristics

EBOL SP-N is a mixture of mineral oils and animal fats with addition of an anti-corrosion agent. It is used as a special separating agent for various construction technologies.


EBOL SP-N is a separating agent. Due to its properties, it finds good use in manufacturing concrete elements from warm concrete mixtures in both vertical and horizontal form liners. EBOL SP-N can be also used in other types of concrete mixture processes. A layer of EBOL SP-N separates efficiently on a whole treated surface including components of complex shapes. At the same time, anti-corrosion component of EBOL SP-N constrains effects of corrosion on such separated surfaces.

Product Features

EBOL SP-N is flavescent to light brown coloured water-insoluble liquid with a characteristic smell.

Organic solvent content 




product's density


Content of organic solvents (expressed in mass fraction)

kg/kg of the product


Total organic carbon content

kg/kg of the product


Content of nonvolatile substances (expressed in volume percent)

volume percent


 EBOL SP-N must comply with the following quality characteristics:

Quality characteristic 


Methodology of assessment

Density at 20 °C (kg.m-3)

800 to 950

ČSN 65 0342

Viscosity at 20 °C (mPa.s)

maximally 42

PN-ZM 133/2001

Directions for Use

EBOL SP-N can be applied by common types of applying mechanisms used in panel factories without any need to specially modify such equipment.

Application examples

EBOL SP-N is applied in a form of aerosol to a metallic form liner in a vertical battery with consumption ranging between 0.1 to 0.15 kg/m2. Already at this consumption, a film of EBOL SP-N is not removed during consecutive filling of the form with a concrete mixture.

Packaging & Storage

EBOL SP-N is delivered in iron tanks or 200 l iron barrels. Alternatively, it can be delivered in different containers that were discussed and agreed on in advance. Store it in a sealed container in places protected from direct climatic influences. Recommended storage temperature is between +5 to +25 °C. Must not be stored in the sun or near heat sources. Storing at temperatures below 0 °C does not affect product's application properties. In such cases, it is strongly recommended to temper the agent at 25 °C followed by homogenization before its use.


EBOL SP-N is transported by covered vehicles. It is not subject to ADR/RID Regulations.


Provided the product is transported and stored in accordance with the above written conditions, its warranty is 6 months from the date it was delivered from a warehouse.  


Data about the product characteristics and its processing were obtained by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical data sheet can provide solely legal advice without any engagements. Use of the product should be always adjusted to specific conditions.



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