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a product of a reaction of higher carboxylic acids with polytopic amines

Product characteristics

EBOL SL-T is a product of a reaction of higher carboxylic acids with polytopic amines


EBOL SL-T is an adhesive additive for bituminous surface treatments and for preparation of asphalt mixtures. It is used in processes of coating aggregate with bitumen, for preparation of additivated asphalts and in manufacturing tar papers and insulation paper. The agent enhances adhesiveness of diluted asphalts used for coated acidic chippings and paper, especially in damp conditions. Solutions in bitumen withstand long-term heating (150 hours) to temperatures ranging between 150 to 160 °C without alteration of their activity.

Product Features

EBOL SL-T is non-ionogenic, viscous, dark brown coloured liquid with the ammonia scent. The agent is water-insoluble, but soluble in both polar and non-polarorganic solvents.

EBOL SL-T must comply with the following quality characteristics:

Quality characteristic 


Methodology of assessment

Acid value (mg KOH/g)

maximally 5

PN-ZM 129/2001

Nitrogen content (%)

minimally 4.8

PN-ZM 129/2001

Iodine value

minimally 55


Directions for Use

1. Coating crushed aggregate with bitumen: 0.5 % (1 % in case of older products) by the mass of the coated material

2. Preparation of additivated asphalts: from 1 to 2 % by the mass of asphalt

3. Manufacturing tar papers and insulation paper: from 1 to 2 % by the mass of asphalt

Packaging & Storage

EBOL SL-T is delivered in 200 l iron barrels. Alternatively, it can be delivered in different containers that were discussed and agreed on in advance. Store it in a sealed container in places protected from direct climatic influences. Recommended storage temperature is between +5 to +25 °C. Must not be stored in the sun or near heat sources. Storing at temperatures below 0 °C does not affect product's application properties. In such cases, it is strongly recommended to temper the agent at 25 °C followed by homogenization before its use.


EBOL SL-T is transported by covered vehicles in compliance with ADR/RID Regulations.


Provided the product is transported and stored in accordance with the above written conditions, its warranty is 6 months from the date it was delivered from a warehouse.


Data about the product characteristics and its processing were obtained by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical data sheet can provide solely legal advice without any engagements. Use of the product should be always adjusted to specific conditions.



Purpose of useproduct for asphalt works
EBOL SL-TU a product of a reaction of higher fatty acids with polytopic amines