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Alvol BMK

flat agent and fabric conditioner for textile fibres, an additive into cosmetics

Product characteristics:

ALVOL BMK 30% is an aqueous solutiion of cocamidopropyl betaine.


ALVOL BMK 30% is used as preparation and softener antistatic agent for the textile fibres and as the additive in cosmetic preparations and in the washing and cleaning agents. It guarantees the reduced dermal irritation, high foaminess, and foam stability.

Properties of the product

ALVOL BMK 30% is clear to light yellow, medium viscosity liquid of amphotermic character. It is diluted during the mixing with any amount of cold or warm water.

ALVOL BMK 30% must comply with these quality signs:

Quality mark 


Determination methodology

Content of active substance in %

30 ± 2

PN-ZM 458/2007

pH 3 % water solution

4 to 7

PN-ZM 458/2007

Sodium chloride in %

5 to 7

PN-ZM 458/2007

Product processing

1. Production of chemical fibres

1.1  Softener and preparation agent for surface treatment of synthetic fibres, specially polyester fibres, including fibres of basic type and chemically modified fibres:

      It is applied from water solutions at concentration 0.5 to 5 % by sprinkling or soaking.

2. Textile industry

2.1. Softener of woven and synthetic fibres in spinning factories:

     Feeding:  0,5 to 2 % ALVOLu BMK 30% and 18 to 22 % water from material weight

2.2. Not permanent antistatic adjustment of all synthetic fibre types at any stage of processing:

     Sufficient adjustment requires 0,5 to 2 % layer of ALVOLu BMK 30% from material weight it can be diluted with water as required by the respective technology to ensure the maintenance of active ratio of material in the fibre.

3. Production of cosmetic preparations

 ALVOL BMK 30% is amphoteric surface active substances with very good tolerance for skin and great in formulas for products designated for personal hygiene.  High foaminess, foam stability, and high biological degradability are used in the formulas for shampoos, bath foams, shower agents, liquid foams, etc.   

Examples of framework formulas:

Fine shampoo for daily use:

Altaran POA             12 mass parts

ALVOL BMK 30%          30 mass parts

Alvol AKD                     4 mass parts

Up to 100 mass parts of cosmetic additive and water

Bath foam with strong anti-redesposition effect for calcic soaps

SPOLAPON 26%           30 mass parts

ALVOL BMK 30%          10 mass parts

Alvol AKD                     2 mass parts

Up to 100 mass parts of cosmetic additive and water

Packaging, storage

ALVOL BMK 30% is supplied in PE cans of 50 litre volumes or in other pre-agreed containers.  It is stored in closed containers in the locations protected from direct weather conditions. The recommended storage temperature is +5 to +30 °C. It must not be stored in the sun or near heat sources. Storage at temperatures below 0 °C has no negative effect on the application characteristics of the product.


ALVOL BMK 30% is transported with covered transport vehicles. Not a subject to regulations ADR/RID.

Guarantee period

If the product is transported and stored according to the above-mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of warehouse delivery.  


The data on the product properties and its processing were received by laboratory measuring and application tests. This technical data sheet can be used for reference purposes, the product processing must be adapted to the specific conditions

Purpose of useAvivážní a měkčící
PropertiesAntistatikum, Změkčování - aviváž