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an aqueous solution of mono-C12-C14 – Sodium alkyl sulphates.

Product characteristics

ALTAPON L is an aqueous solution of mono-C12-C14 – Sodium alkyl sulphates.


ALTAPON L is a mid-foaming preparation. In textile industry, it is used as washing, kiering, cleaning and fulling preparation. It is applicable in temperatures lower than 60 oC. It is also utilized as raw material in production of liquid detergents –washing and cleaning agents.


ALTAPON L is colourless up to yellowish liquid of an anionic characteristic.

ALTAPON L must comply with these quality signs:

Quality sign


Methodology of setting

pH of 5% water solution

5,5 to 9,0

PN-ZM 469/2008

Content of anionic surfactant (%)

27,5 to 30,0

ČSN ISO 2271

Content of unsulphonated substances (%)


ČSN 68 1144

Molecular weight (g.mol-1)



Product manufacturing

Textile industry

Scouring of wool: 1 % zvm of ALTAPON L, 1 up to 2 % zvm of acetic acid or formic acid

Top scouring: 0,2 up to 0,5 g/l of ALTAPON L, 3 % of ammonia 25%, Temperature within 40 to 45 oC

Seed wool scouring: 2 up to 5 g/l of ALTAPON L, 3 up to 5 g/l of soda ash, pH 9 up to 11, temperature within 40 up to 50 oC

Kiering of woolen materials: 0,5 up to 1,0 % of ALTAPON L to the material weight, alternatively with an addition of bicarbonate.

Desizing of spinning and yarning oils, preparations, etc.: 0,5 up to 3,0 g/l of ALTAPON L, alternatively, with the addition of bicarbonate.

Pre-washing of grey goods:1 up to 3 g/l of ALTAPON L, alternatively, with the addition of bicarbonate. It is being washed in temperatures ranging from 70 to 100 oC.

Dyestuff paste-form creation: It is realized in 10% aqueous solution of ALTAPON L

Dyeing of all types of fibres by anionic or dispersing dyestuffs: 0,2 up to 0,5 g of ALTAPON L per litre of dyeing bath.

Scouring of colouration and prints especially at synthetic materials: 1 up to 2 g of ALTAPON L per litre

Scouring of special adjustments: 0,5 up to 1 g of ALTAPON L per litre

Leather industry

Auxiliary emulsifier in fat liquoring baths: 0,2 up to 0,5 % to shaved scale

Soaking and degreasing of skins: 1 up to 10 g of ALTAPON L per litre

Industrial and communal laundries

ATAPON L is generally used for the preparation of washing and cleaning baths, especially if the ability to effectively react to pigmented dirtiness along with degreasing ability is required: 2 up to 10 g of ALTAPON L per litre of cleanser or 1 up to 10 g of ALTAPON L per litre of washing bath (+bicarbonate).The dilution of ALTAPON L just prior to next use is recommended by fivefold quantity of tepid water.

Wrapping, storage

ALTAPON L is delivered in PE cans of the content of 50 litres or in other containers that have been discussed in advance. Transportation in tank cars is also possible. It is stored in closed containers at the places protected from direct climatic influences. The recommended storage temperature is +5 to +25 °C. Storage in temperatures lower than 0 °C does not have any negative influences on the application characteristics of the product.       


ALTAPON L is transported by covered vehicles and is not subject to the ADR/RID regulations.

Guarantee time

If the product is stored and transported according to above mentioned conditions, is its guarantee time 6 months from the expenditure date.


Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measuring and application tests. This technical sheet though can only give legal advice without obligation, the manufacturing of the product is necessary to adjust to specific conditions.

Purpose of useScouring, kiering process
PropertiesIonogenita anionaktivní